Before There Were Kings

Inspired Original wooD Sculpture by Jerry Ward

“Before There Were Kings looks at the conflicting benefits of leadership on its citizens. Leadership has a price.  It has to be paid for in money and blood.  In primitive times men who lived before they devised governments with rulers must have enjoyed a more peaceful life than they have since. They would have been in full control of their own lives and happier for it. They would not have been indebted to the king who more often was bent on conquest. They would have been truly free men albeit perhaps lacking a vision of their future. Peaceful but without purpose. Then accepting leadership when it was offered became a trade-off.   Security at the price of subservience.  This is depicted in my sculpture through the expression of peace and serenity. It is one of stress-free contentment.  Reflecting an age that came before allegiances to designated superiors. A time before commitment to a leader, a time before the politics that came with that… A time – Before there were Kings.