Jerry ward with fourm factor

Fourm Factor is experiencing it’s final stage of finish.  This process involves repeated coats of polyurethane, which are scraped and sanded until they are flat.  Each coat fills tiny scratches or digs left over from the carving process until the a glass smooth surface is left.  Glass smooth, but not glossy like glass.  Too much gloss and reflection of light from the surface will interfere with being able to see the grain and color variations of the wood.  The objective is to achieve a “happy medium” of enough gloss is present to appreciate the form though it’s contours, but not so much as to blind the presence  the richness the wood itself has to offer.  Each coat has to dry for about 48 hr. before it can be sanded and worked. I call this phase “carving in the finish”  A  sculpture in this stage of development takes 8-10 days just to apply the finish.  This allows plenty of time to get started on another sculpture. Generally while working in my studio I find myself surrounded by about five sculptures in various stages of development, so that through the course of a day I am never without something that needs me.  With this piece nearly finished I expect to start another one today.  That makes this a especially exciting day.  About half of my day will be spent on the new creation, and the other half will go to finishing the others in their various stages of completion. As I move from one to the other in this fashion, I find my enthusiasm for completing each remains a full height, while still using my time to full efficiency.

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