It’s Artprize time!

April 24, 2016 Exhibitions 0 Comments

Uninon in StressTomorrow Artprize artists and venues will begin making connections.  Artprize is conducted in a novel way, quite different than most other art shows or festivals in case you were not aware.  The Artprize organizers do not select the art that goes into the event.  That privilege goes to the individual venues which sign up for the event.  In effect each venue, comprised of businesses, schools, banks, restaurants, etc, operate there own art show as part of Artprize.  Artprize itself orchestrates the connection between the artist and venue.and registers the connection into the event so all entries are eligible to win the prize money put up for the event..  You can find out more by going to this link: ARTPRIZE

This year I have decided to enter the same work I entered last year.  I made several mistakes when I entered last year that caused me to miss the chance to get the piece into the event.  The most glaring among however was when I got an invitation and affirmation from a host venue, I neglected to notify Artpize that I had a venue before the deadline.  As a result my entry, “A Union in Stress”, a piece I made especially for Artprize, never got to see the light of day,  I believe this work carries a profoundly strong message considering the political/social climate in the US and the world today, and I fervently want it to get an audience, so I am re-entering it this year.  You can read a description of it on my Artprize entry page at this link: Jerry Ward at Artprize.