A Treasure to Behold

* * *
Having once been a living thing, with wood that life is a residual thing.  For when it passes it leaves behind the very essence of its life.  It is there beneath it’s surface it the artfull semblance of it so called “grain”. It is There to be revealed as a story.  The deeper the grain is exposed the richer of its life history it releases. It is a buried Treasure to behold and worth any effort to exploit to their great reward.   
This is, and always has been the source inspiration brhind my work as I seek to bring that essence of life forth and let it breathe again.
Jerry Ward at work in Studio
Wood Sculpture by Jerry Ward
In most cases my sculpture is produced from a single piece of wood.  This allows for the growth rings to enhance the form I wish to present. My work by purpose alternates between coarsely textured pieces to the very sleekly undulating forms seen on this site.  Both styles reflect  the “nature” that the tree represents from its own struggle to survive this is epitomized by the contrast of sensation it expounds between the coarseness of its bark versus the beautiful swirling patterns exhibited by its growth rings when the wood is relieved upon carving.
You will see, within this site, the result of my attention and commitment in portraying the beauty and mystery that only wood can provide as a meduim for sculpture.  Take a look and see if you don’t agree. In My finished work I consider myself as but partner with wood in obtaining the end result.